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Getting To Know Avon

Saturday, December 26 2015

AVON Cosmetics


AVON is a popular brand known worldwide due to its high quality ingredients and great performance. AVON Products, Inc. headquarters are located in New York,in the United States. The niches targeted by AVON are beauty,household as well as the personal care. Due to the recent rise in social media usage, now almost everyone knows about the efficiency and effectiveness of AVON.

Being the 5th largest company,as well as the second largest direct selling brand, AVON takes pride to include a representative base of 6.4 million people from different parts of the world. The representatives are the door to door selling agents, who are both men and women. Also, now so many e-commerce online stores provide the opportunity to shop AVON online that it has become easier for the customers to order their favorite products and pay for them online through a VISA or Master Debit or Credit Card, or through several other payment gateways such as PayPal.

Any AVON product purchased through the shop AVON online option, reaches your door step safe and sound, no matter where you are residing. AVON has direct association with women. How? Well firstly its majority of front-end sales force, consists of women, because it supports women's empowerment. Secondly, AVON invests a lot in women welfare, such as Breast Cancer awareness campaigns and several other female-related issues. This corporate social responsibility initiative by AVON has increased trust of women of the brand and its products.

Shop AVON Online

Now you don't need to go anywhere because the one stop solution is here. The shop AVON online experience shopping through the Avon online catalog, enables the end users to select their favorite product, add it to the checkout bag and pay through any convenient gateway. The product will be delivered to your door step. Maximum care is taken to deliver each product to their customers with care.

AVON Online Catalog

How do you order yourfavorite items with the shop AVON online option? The process is very simple. All you need to do is to go to the top right corner of the website, choose your category of product,select the product, click the "add to bag" option and don't forget to use the promo code "WELCOME", as it will give you a great discount. So what are you waiting for? The offer has a limited time and is for new customers.

AVON Categories

As mentioned earlier AVON has a vast range of products. Here is an overview of the available products they offer.

New and Now:

The New and Now category lists all the products that are fresh arrivals. Women crave the latest trends in fashion and Avon appreciates their overwhelming demand for new arrivals.The AVON online Brochure highlights the new additions to the existing family of AVON products, regularly.


The makeup category includes all the items related to makeup, such as lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shades, face powders, shimmers, mascaras, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, lip concealers, makeup kits, products for nail and face, brushes and several other tools that aid in makeup.The wide range of makeup products gives an enthralling feel to the end users, who are expecting to get high quality products that are easily available. Descriptive images help the users to choose the appropriate products for themselves.


AVON products are not tested on animals due to the reason that AVON cares about animal life too. The skin care category includes moisturizing lotions, daily use creams,wrinkle and fine line combating products, anti-aging creams, bleaches, toners, moisturizers and much more. All the products are developed after careful research and each product passes through the stringent tests at the AVON Skincare Institute.

Bath and Body:

Bath and Body category is usually searched by users who want everyday hygienic products. The category includes products such as body lotions, body powder, bath and shower, foot care, hair care, insect repellents and sun care.


This product range includes perfumes,deodorants, colognes, shower gels, body sprays, body lotions and body powders. A lot of products are for men too.

AVON Jewelry:

Women are fond of jewelry. Jewelry is their first love, so they definitely keep  track of the latest trends in jewelry fashion. For the fashionista geeks, AVON jewelry includes bracelets, rings, earrings,necklaces, pins, watches and also fine jewelry items. Several jewelry pieces are for men too.

Popularity of AVON products

AVON is a leading direct marketing company, aiming to provide financial resources to those who desire it. Its network marketing strategy has helped itself to penetrate the global market. All the direct sellers are independent agents or representatives, who get lucrative commissions, especially when they order larger quantities. Its e-commerce business allows AVON to minimize their delivery costs and provide better support to their customers.

AVON offers a diversified range of products, by not only limiting itself to the perfume market, but it also caters to needs related to makeup, skincare, body care and women's accessories. This diversified range helps AVON to cater to a lot of woman needs, thus helping it to focus on a larger market share. AVON doesn't limit itself to women only. Its target market also includes men.

AVON also has a product line in home care, thus it doesn't restrict itself specifically to men or women, rather it aims to cater the needs of the entire community. AVON has also acquired several skincare brands, such as Clearskin and ANEW, to expand its umbrella of products. Addition of newer brands is also a unique selling point of AVON.

None of the products under the AVON umbrella are produced without research. The core ingredients in all skincare products are beneficial for the skin, such as glycolic and salicylic acid, capric triglyceride, which helps in hydrationof the skin, and grape fruit abstract, which helps in reducing skin damage because of its anti-oxidant properties. AVON products don't have adverse effects, hence a lot of people love AVON. Customer reviews are regularly shared on the official Avon website.

So hurry up. What are you waiting for? Check out the latest products through the shop AVON online option, via the Avon catalog online.

Choosing An Eczema Cream

Tuesday, December 08 2015

Daily moisturizing needs to be a key a part of your skin health care routine, whether you are attempting to prevent an itchy allergy or soothe an eczema rash flare-up but discovering the right moisturizer cream for eczema is as important.

When youa??re standing within the skin care aisle as part of your pharmacy, the best moisturizer for an eczema rash is probably not obvious. With so many products available, all of which usually promise itch reduction and smoother skin tone, ita??s easy to be enticed by this packaging. But reading the ingredients is more important compared to the promises printed on the label.

a??Moisturizers are incredibly soothing, may aid the itch, and help skin re-establish its crucial barrier function to help protect us from dehydration and contamination, a?? says physician Kathryn Schwarzenberger, MD, associate professor associated with medicine at College of Vermont University of Medicine in Burlington. The best eczema ointment helps to seal moisture within the skin.

a??There are a wide variety of good moisturizers obtainable, a?? says Dr. Schwarzenberger. When youa??re choosing products for the skin, avoid those that contain fragrances, scents, or dyes. These types of added ingredients can trigger eczema allergy, undoing all ones good efforts at natural skin care. Also, says Schwarzenberger, attempt to avoid moisturizers containing alcohols, and this can be irritating to red-looking or irritated skin tone.

How to Utilize Your Ointment For Eczema

After you have chosen a moisturizer for eczema, you have to make using it a consistent habit if you wish to help your skin tone. Aim to moisturize at least once a day a?? and understand that you might advantage more from twice-a-day programs. The best time for it to apply a moisturizer is definitely after bathing or even cleansing skin.

a??Moisturizers work best when applied to wet skin, a?? states that dermatologist Diane Whitaker-Worth, MD, associate professor of dermatology with the University of Connecticut Health and fitness Center in Farmington. a??This really helps to seal in this moisture from washing or showering previous to it evaporates and dries skin. a??

You should still use your moisturizer even for those who have a flare-up associated with itchy rash (unless you think the product youa??re using caused this rash). Using an appropriate moisturizer may be soothing and will help to avoid complications, including infection.

You can maximize the potency of your moisturizer by protecting your skina??s power to hold in moisture. a??Limit using things that might dry skin. This includes quite a few soaps, exfoliants, washcloths, and domestic hot water, a?? says Dr. Whitaker-Worth.

By using the most effective moisturizer you can find and making the most effective skin care choices at all hours, you can help keep the moisture sealed as part of your skin and much better manage your eczema.